Outdoor Activities
In the Kitchen

For Young and Young at Heart


Our goal is to provide activities for everyone in our community. That includes you!! Kids, Adults, Mom/Dad, Singles, and Grandparents all need to expand their skills, learn something new, and have a bit of fun. 

If you have any suggestions or would like to contribute in some way, please email Sonja Heins at sheins@kohlervillage.org.



Home School Ideas:

Give your child and you a break. Stop and have a snack or go for walk. 

We all need to reset from time to time. Take an opportunity to pet your pet. Sit in a quiet space and take ten (10) Deep Breaths. Try some easy exercises, like sit-ups, jumping jacks or running in place.

Working from home with kids??

Click the link for a great article:  got-kids-try-these-tips-for-working-from-home-while-theyre-with-you